Adopt A Rounding Board

Adopt your favorite Carousel Rounding Board as a way to support the Carousel of Happiness. Rounding Board adoptions are $250 a year. The Rounding Boards listed below are still in need of adoption. If you’re interested, just click on the “Adopt” button to sign up and make your donation. Click on the picture to see a larger image.

Outer Rounding Boards

The following outer rounding board paintings are professionally restored paintings originally placed in 1910 for the Silver Beach Fred Dolle Carousel in St. Joseph, Michigan. They were painted by German immigrant, August Wolfinger. They were restored during the period of 2007-2008, by Denver based fine artist and professional restorer, Eddie Friedman, now deceased.

Boat In Creek- Adopt
Church In the Snow- Adopt
Cliff- Adopt
Couple In Mountains- Adopt
Couple Walking- Adopt
Fishing- Adopt
Girl and Dog- Adopt
Goodbye to Boat- Adopt
House In the Snow- Adopt
Lighthouse- Adopt
Man and Dog- Adopt
Milkmaid- Adopt
Mountain Volcano- Adopt
River Barge- Adopt
Road To Village- Adopt
Train On BridgeAdopted 11-2-11
Volcano- Adopt
Waterfall- Adopt

Inner Rounding Boards

The following inner rounding board paintings of endangered species animals were painted during the 1990s for a San Antonio, Texas based new carousel. However the organizers of that carousel decided against using them in favor of paintings with a locally based theme. Marianne Stevens, now deceased, had put the deal together and so donated the 16 paintings to the Carousel of Happiness.

Bears- Adopt
Crocodile- Adopt
DeerAdopted 12-1-11
DolphinsAdopted 6-30-15
Eagles- Adopt
ElephantsAdopted 12-1-11
Gorillas- Adopt
Lions- Adopt
ManateeAdopted 9-6-14
Polar Bears- Adopt
Rhino- Adopt
Spotted LeopardsAdopted 4-21-12
Storks- Adopt
Swans- Adopt
TurtlesAdopted 6-30-15
Whale- Adopt
Wolves- Adopt