Keep the Carousel Spinning

Donate to the Carousel of HappinessEvery dollar you donate to the Carousel helps our nonprofit organization deliver on its mission to inspire happiness, well-being, and service to others through stories and experiences. The Carousel has served the Nederland community and visitors from around the world since 2010, providing almost 1 million rides and inspiring at least that many smiles.

We think happiness is important and that every smile here turns into countless more beyond our doors. As the Carousel of Happiness celebrates its 10-year Anniversary, we continue to grow our programming to better engage with visitors — and we need your help!

Every dollar donated also contributes to the Carousel’s long-term sustainability, including developing a reserve fund for maintenance and repair of our century-old antique carousel and band organ. Thank you for your support!

The Carousel of Happiness is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (Federal ID #: 20-3584335). Your donations to keep the carousel turning are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. Note: Under the CARES Act, you can deduct up to $300 in charitable contributions on your 2020 income taxes even if you don’t itemize!

Adopt a Carousel Animal

You can adopt a Carousel animal! This is a great way to become a part of the Carousel Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.21.34 AMfamily.  Animal adoption includes a brass plaque next to the animal with room for your name and a short message.  Animal adoptions are currently for a period of one year with an option to re-adopt in subsequent years.  For more information on which animals are currently available for adoption, visit our animal adoption page.

Sponsor a Rounding Board Painting

A carousel is more than a ride. It’s a work of folk art. Spinning atop the animals on the outside of the carousel are 18 lovingly restored rounding boards dating back to 1910. They are precious examples of period carousel paintings created by German immigrant August Wolfinger, known as the “Michelangelo of the Midway.” manateeAdopt a rounding board, and your name in brass will ride with it for one or more years.  Or, if you prefer, you can adopt one of the 18 contemporary, interior rounding boards, each depicting an endangered animal.

For more information about the individual rounding boards, please visit the Adopt a Rounding Board page.

Donation Options through Colorado Gives is a year-round online giving website. Created by the Colorado First Foundation, the site offers several ways to donate to your favorite nonprofits all year long, including:

  • Recurring Donations
  • Giving eCards
  • In Memory/In Honor of Donations
  • Fundraising Pages

Each year, the organization also sponsors Colorado Gives Day, a 24-hour online giving event in which donations are boosted by a $1.5 million incentive fund. Colorado Gives Day is a good way to participate in philanthropy with thousands of others and support the nonprofits you care about most, making Colorado a better place for all of us to live.

Donate While you Visit

We also have several ways to donate inside the Carousel. Just ask one of our wonderful staff or volunteers!

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Encourage donations to the Carousel of Happiness on your behalf, for example on your birthday. Create a Facebook Fundraising Page, or send a message to your friends with a link to this page (

Use your Purchasing Power at Amazon and King Soopers

Contribute a percentage of your purchases directly to the Carousel when you shop at Amazon or King Soopers; sign up for the Amazon Smile program and the King Soopers Rewards Program.

Colorado State Tax Refund Contributions

Starting in 2020, Colorado taxpayers will be able to designate the Carousel of Happiness to receive a portion of their state income tax refund!  Learn more about this new program supporting our state’s nonprofit organizations by visiting ReFUND Colorado. To make a donation to the Carousel of Happiness on your Colorado Form 0104, you will need to enter our CCSA registration number (#20083006569) along with our name. Support what matters to you with a portion of your state tax refund!

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock, bonds, and mutual funds are a win-win for you and the Carousel. The donation reduces your annual income, and any gains on the stocks are tax exempt. To donate stocks, please contact Joe Kuepper at Colorado Financial (, and also inform the Carousel of Happiness of the specifics of the transfer (name and number of shares) at Electronic transfers should be directed to

DTC: # 0164; Code 40
Charles Schwab & Co
Carousel of Happiness, Account 5173-9626

Retirement Fund Distributions

Starting at age 70-1/2, individuals can donate retirement fund distributions directly to nonprofit organizations, thereby reducing their taxable income. The distributions must be paid directly to the nonprofit.  Ask you tax advisor about making a Qualified Charitable Distribution or a Charitable IRA Rollover.

Planned Giving

See our Planned Giving page for information on how to leave a legacy of joy and happiness.

More Ways to Get Involved

Call 303-258-3457 or email with your questions on any of the contribution categories above. We’d be happy to discuss your donation with you.