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Tonight, before Thanksgiving Day, I thought I better give you another weird photo and a thought. Oops, not sure I have a thought, except that I am having fun sitting in the shop hand sanding on Oberon. It is quiet, and I almost feel like I am petting this dog. Last week I met with Oberon’s guardian and pal, Bruce. Over coffee we he told me about Oberon’s life, about how Bruce found him at the pound and then had to spend a lot of time gaining his trust and then his love. They were quite the pair, with both communicating with each other at the deepest level. Talking with Bruce about this dog, Oberon, the Wonder Dog, helps me get to know him as well. I think I become a better carver when I know something about who I am carving.

There are a lot of Somewhere Else donors who are not on Facebook who are wanting (they think) to get these posts so we are setting up a parallel blog which will be available to donors via our website. Will let you know when it is ready. Remember that you can add your friends to this Facebook site if you like. Of course they have to be on Facebook at this point.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Thanks for migrating to this site. I’m one of those folks that doesn’t have a Facebook account. I didn’t even know you were documenting the whole Somewhere Else process.