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Post 22

It is Saturday afternoon. Lots of wind and snow mixed with saw dust. At least it is when I go from the carving shed to the house and back. I am consciously trying to not do anything unlawful today because it would be easy to find me.

I have just glued up two more sections, Oberon’s head and his left front leg. Not sure exactly how that leg will show itself through the wall, but I am excited to start shaping the dog’s face and head. This is fun. Wrote a hello in glue for you in one board in the picture here.

2 thoughts on “Post 22”

  1. Hello to you and Oberon! Thanks for keeping us updated. Wish we were there to share the fun… except for the wind and snow!

    1. Hi Jane

      It is good to hear from you. Yes, already I am tired of the snow! I am having coffee with the Sunday morning paper and then out to spend some time with Oberon’s face as strange as that sounds.

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