Post 21

Here is your faithful correspondent/carver checking in, with the back end and first part of Oberon. having just glued up this section, I am now shaping this part of the body and trying a few ways for him to enter the portal. I originally designed him to go in straight but I think it will look a little unnatural for him to look back, turning his head so sharply, even though my neighbor dog who looks just like this does in fact turn into a dog doughnut, well more like a canine U. What do you think about this posture?
Once I get the basic shape, I will go it my hand tools, knives and gouges, etc. to carve in his very curly hair, but that is not soon. Once I am satisfied with the shape and pose of his hindquarters, I will start with his head and maybe a front paw, as he turns to look back from somewhere else. Going away for about 10 days so give me about 2 weeks before another post.

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