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Today is October 8, 2012. I am about to get to work on the next animal, a dog named Oberon. Although we do not allow dogs into the carousel house, because of the danger of getting caught in the machine’s mechanism, in our first year we made an exception. Oberon’s friend and guardian, Bruce, asked if he and the dog and all their friends, could celebrate Oberon’s birthday at the carousel. Oberon had a muscular disease at the time and could barely move. We put him on the carousel platform, slowly turned the carousel and sang him Happy Birthday. Shortly after that visit, Oberon passed away.

With Bruce’s blessing, and lots of photos of Oberon, I will be carving him going into the Somewhere Else portal. His pose will be that he has gone part of the way in and then has looked back to us as if to see if maybe we want to join him? Here is a photo of Oberon which I will use as a pattern for measurements.

Bruce still calls Oberon, the Wonderdog. He is that.

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