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November 13 2013 post

Starting out again with apology: I have been terrible at keeping up with this blog. The good news is that it is because I am always out in the shop carving on the polar bear. She is big and I have been spending almost all my days out in the carving shed carving on her fur. It is a lot to do but I love every minute of it. Here is a photo of her head a few weeks ago without the fur.

polar bear november 13 2013 001 Since then I have been working on her fur, one bit of hair at a time. I listen to my favorite music; Bob Dylan, John Prine, Gillian Welsh, on and on. Just to say, I am enjoying myself and getting closer to this mother bear as the hours pass. The finished bear will be standing up holding her bear cub on these front paws; I write that because it is hard to figure it out from here. I will be starting on the cub next week.

polar bear november 13 2013 010

So have patience with me, this is taking longer than I thought. But know that I am working on her and her cub and love the process of creating this whole Somewhere Else portal. Soon . . .

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