Carousel Director Position Description

1. PURPOSE: State the overall purpose of the position. Include how the position contributes to the COH’s vision and goals.

The COH is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, whose mission is to inspire happiness, well being and service to others through stories and experiences. Our mission is primarily accomplished when people visit the Carousel and experience all the facility has to offer. Therefore, the primary purpose of this position is to efficiently, effectively, economically:

  • Manage SAFE daily facility operations that enhance visitor experiences through qualitative interactions focused on appreciation for the Carousel’s artistic and cultural significance.
  • Manage and uphold routine and scheduled equipment maintenance with the goal of preserving the carousel for future generations.
  • Manage all business aspects of the Carousel facility and select fundraising activities for financial sustainability.

2. ESSENTIAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: Describe the essential accountabilities of this position, which are critical to the successful performance of the job.

  • Recruit, organize and manage staff / volunteers to ensure SAFE, efficient, and profitable operation of the Carousel for the enjoyment of our Visitors.
  • Inspire and support staff with a goal of delivering exceptional Customer Service.
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for group visits, especially by people with disabilities or other special needs, such as seniors and disadvantaged youth.
  • Organize and manage gift shop staff and inventory to ensure efficient and profitable retail operation, in keeping with the spirit and mission of the Carousel.
  • Evaluate and manage the Carousel business to maintain ridership and store goals while operating within annual budget guidelines.
  • Maintain the physical Carousel assets to ensure SAFE operation, maintenance of the artistic elements and long life of the equipment.
  • Oversee routine maintenance of the facility, including cleanliness, building functions, stocking of supplies, garbage/recycling, and grounds upkeep, in order to provide a positive visitor experience.
  • Communicate effectively with the public, visitors, staff and others to enhance the positive image of the Carousel.
  • Oversee marketing, advertising, public relations and social media for the Carousel and its activities.

3.   OTHER REQUIRED ACCOUNTABILITIES:   Describe any additional accountabilities not included under the essential accountability section which are part of this job.

  • Coordinate and support bookkeeping, accounting, HR, and regulatory compliance.
  • Coordinate public events (seasonal and annual); support occasional fund-raising events.
  • Other duties as needed, such as Carousel Ride Operator and Front Office Assistant.

4. COMPETENCIES REQUIRED FOR SUCCESS:   Which core competencies are required for successful performance?

Judgment/Decision Making

Integrity Initiative
Organization/Planning Problem Solving

Management Skills (ability to manage the business and supervise staff/volunteers)

Ability to work/collaborate with a nonprofit Board of Directors


5. KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE: Describe the knowledge and skills needed for competent performance of the position.  

·       Experience in management of a cultural, retail or service organization to include familiarity with retail bookkeeping, accounting and financial controls is strongly preferred. 

·       Strong interpersonal, organizational, communication, and computer skills are important. 

·       Marketing and public communication experience is a plus.  

·       Need to manage your own time effectively and flexibly as both a leader and a doer.

6. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Describe the specific physical requirements needed for this position.

  • Able to lift a maximum of 40 lbs.
  • Able to walk stairs.
  • Able to ride and move onto and off the moving Carousel.

7. ORGANIZATION CHART: Show how the position fits into the organization, include subordinates titles (and their staff size, if applicable) and other position titles which report to the same supervisor.

  • Next Management Level: Board of Directors
  • Immediate Supervisor: President of the Board of Directors
  • This Position: Carousel Director
  • Subordinate Positions: Administrators, Operators, Volunteers, Maintenance Manager and Techs

Nothing herein precludes The Carousel of Happiness from changing the duties, from time to time, and assigning comparable duties or other duties commensurate with the experience and background of the incumbent.

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