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Dec 31 2012 post

I haven’t had much of a chance to get out in the shop this last week, happily so, with family and friends’ activities during the holidays.  I have attached the first short portion of the giraffe’s neck to her head. Wanted to get that done so she would a bit more together before the new year. Now I am gluing together boards to make up her chest.

dec 30 2012 001


Here is a photo of some of the boards, edge-doweled together. They are now (since taking this photo a few days ago) being glued to each other. Lots of gluing and not much carving begin done at this point! From this angle you can also see how the animals are glued together in a way that they have hollow spots. I must say that even with the hollowed out areas, I am a little worried that the giraffe’s head and neck may be heavy to be held up as it comes out of the wall. Still, I think I have a plan to hold it in place without wires or other means of support. Let’s hope.

dec 30 2012 003


I hope we all have a great new year. And again I hope you know how grateful I am for your help with this project. I cannot express to you how excited I am to be creating this Somewhere Else installation.   -Happy New Year, best regards, Scott

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